Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oddities - You Never Know What You'll Find in an Old House

This house is providing a constant source of entertainment for us (or maybe we're just easily amused!).  This week had a couple of high points, as we continue to peel back the layers and see what's inside.

Discovery 1 - The Dungeon sign showed up in the basement.  And if you looked at the previous 'before' posts, it did seem dungeon like, at least when we bought it.  But if you look closely at the sign, you see a heart that says John + Judy with a date in 1969.  Did they have a wedding in the basement?  Hmmm...unusual wedding theme!  But I'm not sure what else would have had that kind of commemoration. I think we'll make sure the sign goes back on the wall down there.  It is a conversation piece!

Discovery 2 - Since there isn't any plumbing on the second floor, we needed to tear out some old drywall to run the new pipes.  Imagine our surprise when we discovered this faucet and hose, tucked back behind the chimney flue.  Silly me, I thought maybe they used it to get water upstairs for bathing.  But folks have pointed out that there are an unusually large number of electrical outlets in that room.  Seems like it was a hidden water source for growing pot!  Who knew?  But we still think it's odd that they eventually covered up the water source with drywall - without bothering to at least remove the garden hose.  What a hoot!

What to see how the project came out?  Click here for all the before and after photos!  And be sure and 'Like' us on Facebook to see our latest project.

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