Thursday, October 14, 2021

Basic Bungalow No More

We bought this house 11 months ago and I expected it to take 4-5 months to complete.  Obviously I didn't factor in COVID challenges, but 8 months later it's done and so worth it!   It went on the market today and I'm so exhausted I don't have time to do a proper blog post - but there are a few photos so you can see what we have accomplished.  I promise to get the 'Before & After' photos out soon!

Doesn't the exterior look great?  

The new deck provides so much outdoor living space.  What a difference!

But the biggest changes happened on the interior.

This house gets so much sunlight all day long!

I love this mud bench that's right inside the back door.

I love everything about the dining room - the wainscoting, the wallpaper and the light fixture!
Creating an en suite bedroom on the second floor was a huge effort - but look how it came out.
And the first floor bedrooms are really lovely with their refinished floors, new light fixtures and fresh paint.  And special touches like building custom radiator covers makes a huge difference.  Can you see the little table on the right?  We found it in the attic and saw that it has a yardstick measure embossed on it.  It was a mess, but after a light sanding and a fresh coat of polyurethane it looks so pretty!

What do you think?  Was it worth all that hard work?  For those of you that are local, we'll have an Open House Sunday, October 17th from 11-1.  Hope to see you then!  

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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

The Finishing Touches

 If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I LOVE lighting.  I spend hours and hours searching for fixtures, agonizing over every selection.  It takes months to get it all ordered and delivered, with a tower of boxes growing in the basement.  So when it's install day, I'm positively giddy!  And the lighting in this house is pretty special.

The William Morris fixture that I found at Home Remedies got installed in the living room and I am thrilled with it!  Look how it casts a delicate pattern on the ceiling.

We have a giant window over the kitchen sink, so instead of doing one pendant there was room for two.  This vintage style light adds some necessary task lighting, but really compliments the rest of the kitchen as well.

Do you remember the vintage sunflower lights that I sourced on Etsy?  They are amazing for the two original bedrooms - they seem to glow when the lights are switched on.  The frosted and opalescent glass provides such a great antique touch for these rooms.


I went a bit more modern on the second floor, since that's all new construction.  I love these lights in the dormers - they really accentuate the angles and beams.

What else is going on?  Well, I got the wallpaper done in the first floor bath.  It's a very subtle pattern, but adds a bit more interest than plain white walls.  Now that the wallpaper is done, the fixtures will all get installed this week and I'll share more photos soon.

The dining room is really coming together.  The painters did a spectacular job painting the wainscoting and this wallpaper that I hung above it gives it that antique styling - but it's a very low key pattern that doesn't shout for attention.

The trim throughout the house is painted the same shade of pale taupe as the kitchen cabinets.  Our antique molding is so gorgeous, this really highlights it and makes it center stage!

Don't you love the peek of the sconce in the hallway, just past the dining room?

The exterior is coming together with lights and trim.  And we finally have steps that meet modern building code!  

That front door has seen quite an evolution - I'm so grateful to the neighbors that didn't complain as we went through a very long ugly duckling stage!

The folks from Under Pressure came out and power washed the exterior this week.  What a difference that makes!  Farewell grimy gutters! 

Don't you love the deck now that it's complete? 
Power washing makes a huge difference!

As you can tell, there's a lot going on, hopefully we will get this to the finish line soon.

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