Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bathtub Rescue

Back at the original SoPo Cottage (the house we live in), we finally got our bathtub fixed.  The bathroom is only 2 years old, but somehow spray foam landed on the bottom of the tub during construction, creating several permanent stains.  I tried everything to clean it, but to no avail.  My ultimate solution was to only take showers with my contact lenses out, so I couldn't see how awful it looked.

Recently, I heard about a local company Pro Tub.    They specialize in resurfacing all kinds of tubs - porcelain, acrylic, & fiberglass. They came out to address our problem. They set to work and in a few hours, the tub was transformed!  Finally, it looks like a new tub!

In addition, I learned a handy new tip.  If you have a lot of soap scum you need to remove, use low odor oven spray and wipe the tub or tile clean with dryer sheets.  Who knew?  Even better, who actually figured out that would work!

Bathtub - After
Bathtub - Before

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  1. Hi Laurel! I have a "harvest gold" bathtub that I've been thinking about having resurfaced. Could you give a ballpark for the cost? I'm down in Portsmouth regional pricing could apply. Thanks!

    Love your blog! You're moving at light speed compared to my weekends-only renovation but I appreciate the inspiration!

  2. Thanks so much for reading the blog Colleen. We spent many years doing weekend renovations and know how slowly it moves forward. But it's great to see the progress over time!

    I think we spent ~$350 for the work they did on our tub. But I think a full reglazing with color change is closer to $500. It would probably cost you much more than that to tear yours out, so still a good investment. But maybe if you wait a little longer, harvest gold will come back in style!!! We have a rental house with a blue tub that I'm hoping will happen!! LOL



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