Sunday, June 10, 2012

Updating the Floor Plan - Moving Walls, Bathrooms and More!

First Floor - Before

My husband swears we've never bought a house where I didn't want to remove a wall.  And this one is no different, in fact, I want to get rid of 3 this time.  We're finishing up the plans now and are really excited at how open and livable the space will be.   What's changing?  There is a covered front porch that we are going to turn into a foyer.  And by removing a large section of the wall between the kitchen and living room, we'll get a great circular flow - I'm thinking great party house!!

First Floor - After

2nd Floor - Before
I know this is a big surprise, but we're taking the bathroom out of the kitchen and moving it upstairs!!!  Wow, the new owners won't have to stumble down the steps to use the bathroom in the middle of the night!  It means we will go from a 4 bedroom to a 3 bedroom house, but in the long run, this is a much better floor plan.  We'll leave a powder room on the first floor and have a big family bath and laundry on the 2nd floor.  And we're also removing an awkward knee wall that ran along the back of a couple of bedrooms.  It will make the master bedroom a lot bigger and more useable.

2nd Floor - After
We're still working through the details of the kitchen and baths, but hope to have more to share sometime soon.  There are still lots of decisions to be made!

So what do you think?  Is this a house that will appeal to new owners?

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  1. oh, absolutely these plans will appeal to new home owners! i dream of a laundry room upstairs...

    1. Me too! In fact, every time I'm lugging laundry down to our basement :-)

  2. Looks like a FANTASTIC modern floor plan!! If I were in the market for a new house (in Maine) I'd certainly venture by.
    For a frame of reference, from the outside when you bought it, on the upper right level there was an awkward area without a window - where is that area now and will it get the window for curb appeal?

    1. The awkward area is a shed dormer with no windows on the front of the house. If you look at the bedroom on the lower right side of the floor plan, you'll see a funky line which is the line between the outside wall and the shed dormer. We'll be adding a long window to that dormer. I put a picture on our Facebook page the other day, as Richard stood on a ladder taping it with blue tape! We wanted to get a visual, before we placed the window order!

  3. I go away for a couple of weeks and POOF you folks are tearing up the "new" house !!!
    The laundry room on the second floor had to be Laurel's idea. And an excellent one I might add.
    So far, I'd say you have another winner of a house.

    1. Ha, Vanessa - we had hoped to have a little down time between house projects, but the closings were only a week apart. So we're right back at it! Stay tuned, this one will be really interesting!!!!

  4. I know the old saying is never remove a bedroom, but here, I totally agree. People would never tolerate zero bathrooms upstairs. I think it's going to be aweseome

    1. Thanks so much Mollie. It's pretty awful inside now that we've started tearing things apart. But we keep reminding ourselves how nice it will be when it's done. Thanks for the encouragement!


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