Sunday, June 3, 2012

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down.....

View from Living Room as the walls get opened up

Not literally of course, but we've started clearing things out and it's making a huge difference.  Of course, now the toilet really is in the middle of the kitchen!
View from the living room, BEFORE the bath/kitchen wall was opened up

Before View - Looking at porch and dining room
The house has a porch that's built into the house (a bit odd, I know) that we want to make into the foyer.  That way you have a nice space to step into as you come through the front door.  It will also help provide a lot of light to the space.

But it does mean we'll have to lose the Archie Bunker front door (am I the only person who remembers watching All in the Family??).  Remember the door with the three little windows?  LOL

Archie Bunker Front Door!

And here is how it looks as we start to open it up!  We'll be taking the rest of the supports out and replacing them with a laminated LVL beam.  Then it will be really open.  See how much lighter and brighter it is already!  And the dining room hutch was spared during the demolition process :-)
After View - now you see the dining room hutch!

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  1. LOL no flies on your back! Keep up the good work!


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