Friday, June 22, 2012

Color Selection - Help Needed

The garage doors are in and the front door/porch are in it's time to start thinking about color choices! We've started painting all the dark brown trim a nice bright white.  And we need a little color on the doors to add some interest.  So here comes the hard part - what color to paint them?

Here are the current thoughts.  I'm leaning towards the blues.  I thought I'd like a brown, but now that it's on the door,  we've nicknamed it the 'Safari' theme.  Which might not be the right color choice for a New England neighborhood!!!

What's your vote?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Laurel - a traditionalist here. I'd stay with white garage doors and put the punch of color on the front door. It's difficult to tell, is the body color grey or "brownish"?? I have grey with white trim and a dark blue (almost navy) front door. Am thinking of changing door to yellow which would be SO bold for me lol.

  2. I definitely like the blues you picked over the brown! Will you do the door as same as the garage door?
    I think it's so great that you re do houses for a living, would live to do that!

    1. Yes, I'd like the front door and the garage doors to match - but don't want to overwhelm everything with too much color. Decisions, decisions!!!!

  3. middle blue if not keeping them white- i agree with annonymous above though too

  4. I agree - white on the garage doors and one of the nice blues on the front door. Brown too boring!

  5. Thanks so much for all the input! White will certainly look nice and crisp. That's getting Richard's vote as well. The siding color on the garage is more of a pale khaki and the house siding is similar - but not the same. So it will be a bit of a challenge to find a color that goes with both. So white would be easy!!!

    BTW - love the idea of bright, glossy yellow with gray!!! Be bold!

  6. I think you need to add some interest to the khaki...go with blue!

  7. I just found your blog today so I apologize for chiming in late, but I would go with the darkest colour - the reason being I find it would make the "lites" in your garage doors stand out less. There are some windows that need to take centre stage... but I'm not sure I would do this here....


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