Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Buttoning up the Exterior

In our latest installment on how to overspend on a renovation, we focused on the new dormer.  To balance some cost overruns in other areas, we planned to do simple siding and a rolled roof on the low pitch dormer.  Since the house sits up on a hill, we figured you wouldn't really see the dormer or its roof.

But that's where the problem came in.  Because, as we stood on the street looking up at the house, we couldn't stand the thought that we'd offset the beautiful shingled original dormer with basic siding.  And the original dormer has woven shingles on the corners - the most expensive style you can install, due to lots of extra labor that's required for a watertight seal.

Another point: rolled roofing really only has a lifespan of 5 years or so......we want something that will be better for the future homeowner.  Add that to the threat of ice dams in our snowy climate (even though we super insulated the roof and walls) and a metal roof makes a whole lot more sense.

So, you guessed it, we went with the most expensive option for siding and roofing.  Sigh - this is why our profit margin is always so tiny.  

The guys got started by trimming out the windows and fascia.  They did a fantastic job of matching the original trim on the house - but in low maintenance PVC that won't suffer from the elements like wood.  

Then the roofing team from Affordable Roofing and Liberty Roofing came in. The standing seam roofing is a color called dark slate (made in the USA!) that really compliments our shingles - even though you'll never really see it, because the house is so tall.

Crimping the finished metal roof edge
And finally, the guys installed the primed cedar shakes.  This is exacting work.  Each shingle gets marked and nailed into place.  And at the corners, they hand scribe each shake, to weave the open end with multiple layers - eliminating the possibility of water penetration.

They also trimmed out the new front dormer egress window and repaired the cedar shakes.  It looks better than ever!  And did you notice our new front door?  It's painted a Benjamin Moore color called Sunflower Fields.

It's still a bit to chilly here in Maine to paint the new cedar shakes.  But hopefully as spring really takes hold and the temperatures warm up, we'll get the cedar shakes painted to match the rest of the house.  It really will be a thing of beauty!!
Before and After:  quite a change, don't you think? 

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  1. Hello,

    I have that exact house and have been considering a shed dormer. Would you be able to show a picture from the inside so I can see how much space was gained?

    Thanks so much!!

    1. If you go to our home page and click on the House #8 tab, you can see all the before & after photos. And if you use the tabs on the left side, you can page back on the dates to see the floor plans, framing, etc. This was a complicated dormer and needed a structural engineer assessment to properly manage all the loads of the new dormer.


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