Monday, May 16, 2016

And Starts Looking Like a Home!

That moment......when you realize the 3 long months of messy, dirty construction aren't going to last forever..... and you see a glimpse that it's going to be the wonderful home you knew it could be.  We've turned the corner!!!    The transformation is starting to look like a reality and the place is looking great!

With the electrical, plumbing and inspections completed, the drywall guys got to work and we have new walls.  It was a tricky job, thanks to all the angles from the roofline.  Lots of measure twice - cut once!

I do love to see a man on stilts!!  That takes far more coordination than I will ever have!!

After a quick coat of primer, the entire second floor is looking fresh and clean.  And with all the new windows and the skylights, it's such a light, bright space.

The loft at the top of the stairs
Front bedroom 
New dormer bedroom
The first floor didn't have as much drywall work - but there was a lot of wall patching to be done, where the walls were removed.  Now you can see how nicely the rooms flow together.

Before - staircase is in the corner on the right
Don't you love the staircase?  Look at these two photos - they were taken from the same angle! The old staircase was hidden in what looked like a closet in the corner of the dining room.  Now it's open to the whole living space.   What a huge change from when we bought the house!  I think this is the biggest living/dining room that we've ever done on a project.
After - staircase is opened up with walls removed

Staircase now opens into the large living room
The floors have been patched - ready to be refinished.  We'll have them sanded and have a first coat of finish put down, so we can start the kitchen.  The final finish will be just before the Open House.
Kitchen is next room to be done!
Hasn't it come a long way?  Stay tuned - lots of exciting stuff to come!

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  1. It's looking great!!!! I love seeing all your before and after pictures. Can't wait to see the kitchen.

  2. I'm in love!! You and your crew do such beautiful work. I can't wait to see the kitchen!

  3. What a great job, I'm sure we will see Open House pictures and SOLD sign in the same post!


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