Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Creating a Showpiece of our Antique Kitchen Sink

As much as I love the antique sink in the kitchen, it was showing quite a bit of wear.  And since we see it as a real focal point of the house, we want it to look its best.  I've worked with the team at Pro Tub in the past and knew they could make it gleam like new.

The starting point was a sink basin with lots of little pits and chips.  We've noticed dirt tends to collect in them and it's tough to keep it clean and white.  And the experts believe it has never been refinished, so it's really time!

So the guys got to work on the restoration.  It's a big job, that took a very long day.  They started by creating a tent, that would keep any dust and dirt away from the sink during the process.  After an initial sanding, they applied an etching solution, to ready the finish for the next steps.

A key part of the process is filling all the pits in the surface.  You can really see how many chips had occurred over the last 90 years!

Filler in all the voids on the sink surface
After this, we got a coat of sealer and 3 coats of finish.  And the result?  It really does gleam like new!  The finish needs to cure for awhile, before we can put the new faucet on.  But doesn't it look fantastic?

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  1. Looks great! Have you tried the process before, and how well does it hold up to kitchen dishes and such?

    I've seen some products at Dea Bath that might be worth checking out for a DIY version with industrial grade epoxy, perhaps for a less-used surface, like a powder room sink. https://deabath.com/General_Store/Cleaners/cleaners.html

    1. Hi Kathy - they've done refinishing for me before and it holds up just like new. We once had a brand new tub get badly damaged during installation and they fixed it up so you couldn't even see the problem (they're certified for repairs by Kohler and American Standard). But I like the list you sent me - some tubs and sinks don't need that much help. I've used Zud and Gel Gloss in the past with great success, but would like to experiment with a couple of the others. Thanks!!!


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