Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Big Luxury Bath Design

Typically, when we do a bathroom in one of these old houses, it's a tiny space and we're scratching our heads to figure out how to squeeze in the basic plumbing fixtures.  So I was pretty excited with this house! By old house standards, this is a huge space and we really want to make it special. We want it to have a spa like feel, with a big soaking tub and separate shower.

Ha ha - see the cardboard toilet!!!!
The bathroom is at the back of the house and includes the original hip roofed dormer.  This gives us lots of funky ceiling heights and angles to work with.  The tricky part was figuring out how we could fit 4 bathroom fixtures in there.  While the footprint seems big, the angled ceilings really limit headroom.  We started with cardboard cut outs and kept moving them around, until we came up with a design that worked.

After lots of experimentation, this design really meets all our needs!!
Final bathroom design
Space before - I bumped my head on that beam many times!
Now we can have the freestanding tub, a separate shower, as well as the toilet and vanity. To do that, we reframed a good bit of the room, to provide ample headroom and structural integrity.  The guys installed knee walls to frame up the room and make the spaces useful.

Reframed to add lots of headroom
Drywall installed

I'm so excited about the tub - it will look fantastic sitting in the dormer space!  The perfect spot to relax in a hot bubble bath!
One of the biggest design trends out there are hexagonal tiles - and I just LOVE them!  They're a great take on a classic design.  These will be the perfect look for our bath.  I've ordered the large format for the floor.  I'm thinking about incorporating some of the small ones in the shower.....but am still thinking that through.

The vanity has lots of storage with drawers and a large center cabinet.  I love the marble top and the bun feet!

 For the faucet, I wanted a blend of traditional - with a modern twist.  This American Standard set really fit the bill.  Love the tall cross handles!!!   

And last but not least, we're going to incorporate some of our reclaimed wood on the far wall of the dormer.  With all the 'cold' surfaces - stone, ceramic, marble, porcelain - we need some antique wood to warm it up!  

Can't wait to get it done!

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  1. Looks great! Do you have a link for the vanity?

  2. It's from Home Decorator's Collection.....sorry, I can't remember the exact name!


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