Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tile Style - Creating 'Rug' Borders

As I finish up installation of the tile in the upstairs bath, I thought back on how much I like the look of a 'rug' border on a bathroom floor.  It adds such a nice touch, in what could be a very boring space.  I like it so much - I've done it a number of times.  I thought I'd share a few:

There are lots of options for mixing and matching stone, tile and glass, to get a distinctive look for your bathroom.  This bath is chiaro marble squares with sea glass insets.  The large 6 x 6 tiles provide the outside border and the inside is diagonal 4x4's.  And there are sporadic glass tiles sprinkled through the center.  The sink (on the right side of the photo) also has a sea glass top - so it all ties together.

This bath floor has a center of carerra marble basket weave tile with a thin border of absolute black granite.  The outside border is a very light carrera marble.  This old fashioned bath is a great compliment in a 1920's farmhouse.

This bath/laundry room has a center and outside border of a marble look ceramic tile.  The border is made up of glass and marble bars and has an absolute black granite accent strip to set it all off and tie to the granite vanity top.  For more Before and After photos of this room, check out this link

So what's the plan for the Diamond in the Rough?  Well, it's still a work in process, but here are a few pics as I put it together:
The border is a mini mosaic of glass and marble

The inset is subway tiles of chiaro tumbled marble - the perfect choice near the beach.  It hides sand beautifully!
All the tile is in - now it needs color enhancer, grout and sealer!

Obviously there's a lot more to be done to complete the upstairs bathroom - but it's starting to look pretty nice!

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  1. When will you tile my bathroom floor?

    1. Ha! I've seen your bathroom floor Beth and it's probably the ugliest tile I've ever seen. Hmmmm.....maybe I should do a blog on ugly floors!!! You'd be a contender!

      Since you live in Atlanta, I'd need a long visit there to get it done. Very time consuming! But I could give you a lesson!

      LOL - Mom

  2. The tile work is beautiful. My favorite is the Diamond in the Rough bathroom.

    1. Thanks - I can't wait to see how it looks after it's grouted!!!

  3. Looks Great, Laurel!


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