Monday, August 20, 2012

Putting the House Back Together - Exterior

It feels like we have turned a corner on the project!   We've started putting the house back together again. Good thing - after almost 3 months there wasn't much left to take apart. 

The most dramatic change at this point is the exterior.  It's really changed a lot in the last month.   Of course the new front porch entry made a big statement.  But the new 6 over 1 windows and the awning window on the shed dormer made a difference as well.  Not only do they increase energy efficiency, they really improve the look of the house.  Somehow, they just add more character.


The next big change we made was taking the vinyl siding off the front of the house. It was a gut wrenching decision, because we didn't know what we'd find behind all that vinyl.  But thankfully, while there were some shakes that needed replacing, overall it was in fine shape.  We've had the cedar shakes repaired and are thrilled with how it looks. 

Now that we've seen how nice the cedar shakes look, we would love to take the vinyl off the other sides.  But, we're just not ready for that kind of gamble. You never know what the shingles might look like and how much repair cost would be involved!  At least this way the new buyers can make their own decision on whether to remove the rest of the vinyl.

Finally, the vinyl siding got repaired on the rest of the house - hiding the big ugly patches we had all over the house.  Later this week we hope to get the place power washed and then the cedar shakes and trim will be ready for paint.  I'll get some more exterior photos posted when we get to that step!

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