Thursday, August 30, 2012

Operation Dry Basement - Part 2

So, after putting the perimeter drain  around the entire basement, we expected it to be nice and dry.   And unlike the rest of the country that is experiencing a drought this summer, we've had plenty of rain to try it out.   The good news:  we aren't getting any big puddles or running water like we used to - even with the heaviest of rain.  The drain, dimple board and sump pump are doing their job.  But the bad news:  there are some annoying damp spots in the back of the basement that just won't go away.

We called the 'Crackoligist' - Dave at Concrete Prescriptions LLC - to come back and take a look. The verdict - in some areas the concrete is so thin, and it's right on top of dirt, it's allowing moisture to wick up.  During the winter months, when the furnace is running, the basement floor will be dry.  But in the spring and summer, when there's lots of rain and humidity, these thin spots will continue to look damp.  

The solution?  Put down a heavy plastic barrier and pour a new concrete slab over top.  This will eliminate the wicking that's taking place in the back of the basement.

Next thing we know, there's a big concrete truck, pulling up in front of the house and putting its chute through the basement window.  It's an odd feeling seeing all that concrete go shooting in!

With their heavy rubber boots on,  the guys waded in and quickly floated out the concrete.  

And I know it seems odd, but we're really excited about this nice smooth slab of concrete.  It looks so nice compared with the lumpy, bumpy mess we had before.

 Now that we've got all this in place - let the rains begin!!!  We're ready for mother nature!

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