Friday, August 3, 2012

Party House

One of our initial goals, when we started tearing out walls, was to create a big open floor plan.  From the beginning, I kept thinking this house had great potential for entertaining.  I can see big cocktail parties - family holiday dinners - or intimate dinner parties.  The circular floor plan is perfect for any approach.

This week was devoted to drywall installation and now that we have walls instead of studs, you can start to see the room flow.

First up - we have a real foyer.  Instead of entering through a funky porch, there is a big foyer that opens to the living room and dining room.  Reclaiming this space made a huge difference in the feel of the entire first floor

Before - Open Porch instead of foyer

Next change, originally, the living room and dining room were distinctly separate spaces.  Now they blend together, with lots of open space - no bottle necks at doorways during big parties!

Before - view of LR (left) and DR (right)
Now - One big open space off of the foyer

Last, but not least, we tore out the wall between the kitchen (it was actually the bathroom, that's the medicine chest on the wall!) and living room, to provide one large cohesive space.  With the new floor plan, no one has to feel trapped in the kitchen - away from the action in the living room.  Now it's all tied together.  Just wait till we get the new peninsula and bar stools in place - it's going to be great!
Before - with wall coming down
After - Circular floor plan

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