Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Design Inspiration for Romancing the Ranch

Photo:  K Lester Interiors
At the start of every project, I go into intense 'planning mode', trying to decide on a style and color scheme for my new project.  It involves searching websites - Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram - as well as magazines and my folders of clippings that I'm constantly adding to.

But I still hadn't found 'the one'. So I kept searching for the perfect inspiration for Romancing the Ranch. (but I do love this calm blue and white palette).

And then a random flooring catalog showed up in the mail and I found it.  I love this room - light and bright with splashes of blue and natural materials.  That's 'the one'!!  With the wall of windows and light that floods our room, this approach will be perfect in our space.
Photo:  @Florsquares

Next step in my quest?  Finding fabric - which was a bit tricky during a pandemic when fabric stores aren't open.  I found a few I liked online and ordered, but when the fabric arrived it wasn't quite the color that my computer screen indicated.  

But I finally found this one - it has two shades of blue and a crisp white.  That gives me a couple of options for pillows and accessories and will look great with the rest of my furnishings.

That let me start looking for other elements for the design.  The flooring will be oak, to match the rest of the house (we need to install all new oak flooring in the living/dining room and kitchen - the original floors were plywood and stained pine).  But in the mudroom, I'd like a hard wearing tile floor, that can take the abuse of water, snow, sand and mud (we get lots and lots of mud in the spring).  I found this at Paul White in Portland and absolutely loved it!!!  With its mix of faux oak and stone, it will look fantastic and each tile is 2x2 feet, so it will make a statement!

Of course there are many, many more decisions to be made.  But this gives us a good place to start!!

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  1. I absolutely love the color on the beadboard and trim in the first picture!


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