Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Curb Appeal Sneak Peek

I can't resist showing you a sneak peek of the exterior changes at the ranch.  It will take awhile to get it finished, but it's starting to look like a different house!! (full disclosure, there's a dumpster in front of the house, so getting good photo angles is impossible - but you'll get the idea!).

And as a reminder, here's our plan.

First, the guys built our false gable above the new front entrance.  With the old front door removed, this starts to give that part of the house some character.

Of course we had to add a new front door!!  It has lots of glass to keep the mudroom/foyer nice and bright.  We trimmed it out to give it a bit of New England charm.

And the main body of the house got some updates as well.  We removed the old front door and installed a new double window for the master bedroom (and it makes the bedroom so bright and cheerful!).

The siding for the front and side is vinyl - but it has an amazingly realistic look of cedar shingles.  We had a delivery today and the delivery guy didn't believe us until he went up and touched it.

The roofers are coming soon and once that's done, we can finish up the rest of the siding on the front facade.  But isn't it looking great???

What else?  Well it's not curb appeal, but the back of the house is getting some updates as well. (is it rear appeal???)  We added a couple of new windows that are bringing a lot more light into the kitchen and dining room.

Rear Elevation - Before
And we had hoped to do a deck refresh, by just updating the decking.  But we discovered that several of the original joists were broken (how does that happen???) and the footings weren't properly aligned.  So rather than do a lot of piecemeal repairs, we just tore it down and are starting new.
What do you think?  Quite a difference already!  And just wait till we get it done!

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  1. It is going to be stunning! You have such a vision for these house you renovate and bring new life to.

  2. Looks great-the vinyl shingles look so real-who is the manufacturer?

  3. They're made by Georgia Pacific - aren't they amazing! They're more than triple the cost of their regular siding, but worth it!


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