Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Romancing the Ranch - Progress Update

Opening up the ceiling
Let's talk about progress!!!  With the plans in place, the guys have started making changes.  Thanks to new structural beams, the walls have come out and the space has been opened up.  In a few short weeks, things have changed so much - I just had to share!  So here's a quick tour.

The new front entrance is framed up.  By stealing a bit of space from the oversized garage, we have created a true foyer/mudroom.   It has 10 foot tall ceilings and feels like a bright, welcoming space (well it will soon, those old stud walls are a bit dark!).
The new foyer has 10 foot ceilings, creating a dramatic entrance
Best of all, it gives you your first peek at the living space beyond (and the laundry room, maybe not quite as exciting, but it will be pretty sweet! ).

As you walk up a couple of steps, you step into the new, wide open living space.  Isn't this fantastic???  This may be the biggest, most open living space we've ever done.
But even more surprising is how much it's changed from our starting point.  Can you believe the difference?  We are keeping all the rooms in their original location, but removing walls (and a ceiling) transforms the space.  See the window on the left?  That's the only thing that didn't change (and we will be replacing it with a bigger one soon!).

And look at the ceiling height in the living room!!  I just love this room!
I LOVE tall ceilings!!!
Isn't the wall of windows/sliding doors looking out over the backyard fantastic?  We'll be expanding the deck and it will be a fabulous indoor/outdoor space.  Great for entertaining or just a quiet spot for a cup of coffee (or even better, a glass of wine).

I'll share details of the kitchen design in a later post, but it's going to be a big room with lots of storage.  See the old kitchen on the right??  And the fireplace on the left? Quite the transformation with those walls gone, don't you think?
Living room and kitchen before
Living room and kitchen after walls are removed
Of course we still need plumbing, electrical and we have to even up all those floors (because of course they are all different heights!).  But I'm tickled pink with the progress thus far.  Stay tuned for lots of updates!

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  1. Always fun to follow along as you and your team work magic!


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