Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Curb Appeal for a 1950's Ranch Home

The front of this house is a bit nondescript.  It's not a bad looking house, but it seems like we could make it a lot more attractive, don't you think? Since we're making so many other design changes, we want to enhance the curb appeal as part of the project.

Here's our starting point.  
-Old, faded aluminum siding that has been painted yellow
-Vinyl siding in a different size on the main body of the house
-Roof shingles don't match
-Rarely used front door with 'Entrance' clearly marked over garage door
-Recessed alcove used for storing garbage cans

But what would look good?  I went digging through my file cabinet and dug out my 'exterior' file folder.  I found this inspiration post from a 2007 magazine (sometimes it's helpful to be a pack rat).  I love the crisp New England look of this home and think we can incorporate some of these ideas into the ranch.

Of course the new floor plan also requires some key changes.  The original front door goes away and the main house will have a second window added (actually, all the front windows will be updated to 'egress' windows to meet fire safety code).  And the new front door needs some highlighting.  So that's where we will focus a lot of our efforts.

The plan is to add a false gable above the new front door.  It will be a double gable, so the front door will be really noticeable.  Speaking of the front door, we will install a new one with lots of glass, to let the sunlight come streaming in.    I'll also install new front lights, new house numbers and a mailbox.  (oh and don't worry, the gorgeous maple tree will stay, I just had to hide it to play with the new facade plan)

The alcove between the garage and the main house will be closed in to create the new master bath.  I want some natural light in that bathroom, so we will add a small window.

This is my attempt to photo shop the new look.  It will look much nicer on the real house, but you get the idea!!
Front Entrance Mock-up
What else?  Well, we will be installing all new windows, matching roof shingles, a new front door and new trim.  The house will be completely re-sided.  I'm planning to use a  mock cedar shake in a blue-gray color called Pewter, but it will be vinyl - so absolutely no maintenance!  (did you know I used to be a vinyl siding snob?  Read about my conversion here)

Work has already started.  The front steps put up a fight, but they're gone.  And the guys finished framing up the master bath today.  Of course we have a lot to do in the next few months, but it will make such a difference!

UPDATE:  Want to see the finished product?  Click here! 

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  1. This is giving me so many ideas about moving/ eliminating our useless front door in a similar home.

  2. That doesn't look good at all. What I suggest is incorporating a covered porch across the front of the home with decorative banisters and roses or shrubs for color. This will bring out the natural charm of the house.

    1. I agree. The new plan somehow looks more plain than it is now. Their gonna pay a lot of money for less curb appeal. Yuck 😝.

    2. You’re certainly welcome to your opinion, but I love it, the neighbors love it and most importantly the new owners love it!

  3. I would have loved to add some sort of porch or overhang - but building codes don't allow us to build any closer to the street. We needed to stay within the existing footprint of the building.


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