Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Blizzard......and Why is it Snowing in the House?

We broke a record up in her Maine with 32 inches of snow this weekend.  The worst of the snow hit during the night, so we were anxious to see how our project held up with the 60 mph winds and record snowfall.  And with that kind of wind, some areas had drifts 6-7 feet high!

The good news:  Everything was fine - the furnace was chugging away, keeping the downstairs warm.  The roof shingles stayed on and thanks to lots of storm prep, nothing blew away or caused any damage.  And it's just beautiful with graceful drifts all around the property (okay, so maybe a big dumpster in the front yard isn't so beautiful, but you get the idea).
It's a tough walk up to the garage!!!

Snow sculpture on the bushes
The surprising news:  It snowed inside.  As soon as we opened the door to the steps, we saw a light dusting of snow.

 And when we got up to the new area, we found an inch or so all across the floor., we have a roof, walls and windows.  How could that happen?

Well, the soffits are still open, waiting on insulation.  And with the strong winds, the snow came up, over the walls and blew around to create a soft white carpet across the space.

No harm done - it was easy enough to shovel out the window.  But it was strange!

And guess what tomorrow's forecast is?  2 more inches of snow!!  Ya gotta love winter!

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  1. I remember getting 2' growing up in MN. We got it Halloween night and it was an ENORMOUS amount of snow. 32" is insane.

    Stay warm!!

    1. Thanks Mollie - it was pretty amazing! But the interesting thing was how variable the depth was - some areas you could still see the grass and others (like right in front of the house) had several feet. We'll be talking about this storm for a long time to come!

  2. oh no! bet you never thought you'd shovel snow OUT of a house, a window at that! ;) glad all worked well...the house is lookin' good so far :)

    1. I know Stacey - it was so weird!!! But it was easy to dump it out the window! And we're thrilled with all the progress. Can't wait until we get a little farther's going to be such a nice house.

      Thanks for following along, we really appreciate it!



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