Monday, February 4, 2013

Help Needed - Please Vote!!

This is what I think of as 'Award Season'.  Movies, television, music, etc all have major award programs.  And guess what, there is an award program for home improvement blogs, known affectionately as the Homies!

SoPo Cottage has been nominated for the second year and I'd be so thrilled if someone that isn't a relative voted for us this year!!!  LOL - maybe we can score higher than last year!  I'm sure we can't win, but it is fun to complete!  Just click this Homies Link to register and then scroll down the list until you see the voting button for SoPo Cottage.  Voting ends soon - midnight EST on Friday, February 8th.  Thanks so much!!!

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  1. Done! And thrilled to do it. I LOVE reading your blog and seeing the wonders happening in Portland! Good luck!

  2. Thanks so much Kate! And thanks for reading the blog, it's nice to know that people enjoy our adventures :-)

  3. Voting complete !!! how fun to share your great blog ...

  4. My vote has been cast! Winner or not, I enjoy watching you transform each of these homes with such style. Good luck!


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