Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kitchen Design - Colonial with a Twist

The kitchen has been many, many weeks in the planning, but we are all pretty excited about it.  In keeping with the rest of the design, we are going with an 'old world' feel to the space.  I created this mood board to highlight some of the key elements.  But it doesn't reflect everything, for example, it will have high ceilings, hand hewn beams and tall cabinets.

Our kitchen isn't quite as big as the inspiration photo above, but thanks to moving the scary staircase, it has a great layout - with a nice work triangle, lots of counter space and an island for the family to gather around.  I'm particularly excited about the island.  We're going to use a walnut stain on the butcher block top, which we think will tie nicely with the hand hewn beams that we're installing at the ceiling line.
Here's a stylized view, but you have to use your imagination a little bit.  We're going to have cream colored cabinets, tapered wood legs to add some character to the island and glass doors next to the stove hood. We're using the Martha Stewart Pure Style cabinets again - with the upgraded Ox Hill door style.  They have a great combination of quality, styling and durability that adds a lot to look and feel of the kitchen.

And it's a little hard to tell, but we'll have a pantry through the doorway to the left of the stove wall.   The door is frosted glass to let light through.....but hides all of the mess in case your pantry is disorganized like mine!!!

Best of all, we're going to have these deep drawers on either side of the stove.  We have them in our own house and they're fantastic for holding big pots and pans.  No more getting down on your hands and knees to dig out your favorite pot!

So what do you think?  Is this a kitchen that you'd want in your house?  Is it something that will appeal to our buyers?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Not precisely my taste, but I love the faucet and light fixture choices and I like the dark butcher block a lot. I also like the off-white (rather than bright white), which I think fits the style of the house and the overall decor.

    Only thing I'd cringe at as a buyer is the tile...I have a strong preference for plain tile (original Craftsman or Delft being the exception) and the little square patterned ones just don't work for me -- they seem very taste-specific, and more Tuscan/European than Colonial. I'd be factoring in the cost of replacing them when I made an offer.

  2. Love the tile, and that pendant light is amazing. I also love the idea of a frosted glass door for the pantry. This is going to be one gorgeous kitchen!

  3. LOVE it. VERY functional. None of the specifics I would ever pay attention to. A faucet is a faucet, cabinets are cabinets, backsplash is backsplash. But it looks beautiful!! THAT I would notice. No way to make the island any bigger?... To accommodate 4 stools? Three doesn't seem like enough space for bigger families. ;) Just a thought... Especially with the existence of a pantry maybe you don't need as many cabinets on the island and folks could sit along the length and one of the widths of the island? I see you have the edge of the island in line with the wall to what I am assuming is a dining room/eating area? So increasing the size of the island itself isn't possible?

  4. I think the kitchen is fabulous with the exception of the tile for the back splash. I think it might become outdated rather quickly. I'd rather use subway tile because it's classic and never looks dated.

  5. Beautiful! While certain individual items may not be a buyer's taste, I think when it comes together it will work extremely well. I wish it were my kitchen!

    Love your work, and the blog!

  6. Thanks so much for all the input! And yes, we'd love to make the island bigger, but need to make sure we have enough space to maneuver around it easily, it really is in the center of the house and has all traffic patterns going through it. It's 4x6 feet, which is a pretty good size, so I'm hopeful we can figure out how to gather 4 stools around it!

    I'm a bit surprised by the tile feedback. It's a classic, traditional style (subway with a few of the decorative ones as accents) that I've used in two other kitchens. Both of those kitchens were what 'sold' the houses - and at a much higher price point than this house. I think you might find you like it when it's all pulled together!

    Thanks again,

  7. One more comment... Have you thought about plumbing for a gas dryer while the plumber is there for the gas stove? I ask because with bigger (4+... Thanks for figuring out how to accommodate 4 stools... :) ) families comes a LOT of laundry. And gas dryers are so much more efficient (read:CHEAPER to operate!!). We come upon more houses in S. Portland that have natural gas heat, hot water AND stove and then the dryer was forgotten. :( This looks like it would be easy peasy from your layout as the stove will share the same wall as the laundry, correct? Just a thought....

  8. What if I don't have that much space as required by your posted kitchen design? Can I drop few kitchen items, will it reduce the beauty?


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