Thursday, February 14, 2013

Birds and the Bees......and the Ants

When we found these beautiful little robin's eggs in the wall, we thought they were charming (although we wondered why they had been abandoned).  So tiny and delicate, such a beautiful shade of blue, and they don't weigh anything at all, so we think they've been there a long, long time.

But then we found a wall full of bee/wasp nests, and that wasn't charming - it was downright creepy.  Thankfully, they had been abandoned as well!

Don't they look kind of artsy stacked up like this!

The next day, we lifted back a piece of kraft paper and discovered the carpenter ants had done a number on this beam.  Ants love moisture and we think the awning on the other side of the wall must not have been draining properly and gave them a great place to build their tunnels.  It's amazing how their tunnels can turn a big sturdy beam into something that crumbles to the lightest touch!

The only bright spot in this parade of backyard infestation is nothing did any real serious damage.  But it does give you pause to think about how much these critters want into your house!  What kind of critters have you found in your place?

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  1. Do you still have the bee/wasp nests? I have been trying to find some for a biology class I teach to kids. If you ever want to part with them I would be interested in taking them off your hands, we will be going over a unit on entomology soon and those would be a great tool! Let me



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