Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We Bought a Business on Facebook

So maybe I shouldn't be surprised that this happened.  After all, we use Facebook to help us sell houses.  But to help us buy a new business?

We've talked for years about opening a dog market in our neighborhood.  This is the ultimate dog loving area.  You see people out walking their dogs all the time.  They're out romping on the beach every day.  People LOVE their dogs!

The Whole Dog Market - Atlanta
And we are a bit obsessed about dogs as well.  We've always had dogs - 2 at a time.  Our youngest daughter's life has revolved around dogs (when everyone else was taking their kid to sports, we were going to the 4H dog program and dog shows).  And she's part owner of the very hip The Whole Dog Market in Atlanta.  Whenever she visits, we keep saying we need a Whole Dog Market in Willard Square.

So fast forward to a Facebook posting I saw that mentioned a Willard Square storefront was coming on the market.  Really?  Hmmmm.....well maybe this was the right opportunity to move forward.  

So we made the offer and closed on the store last week.   We plan to open sometime this spring.  We'll carry everything you need to make your dog's life fun - toys, treats, high quality food, leashes, beds, etc.  We hope it will be a gathering place for dog lovers in the neighborhood (of course we'll have cat products as well).  Oh, and we'll have a self wash so you can get your pooch nice and clean without making a mess of your own bathroom!

SoPo neighbors - please 'friend' us on Facebook - The Whole Dog Market SoPo - where we'll share store updates, neighborhood dog pics and dog news/videos/photos.

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  1. Congrats!! I guess this will keep you even busier than you currently are. :)

  2. How fun! Good luck on the new adventure. Your energy to do all of this is enviable.

  3. Congratulations, Richard & Laurel! I think it will be a great addition to our dog-loving neighborhood - especially with the self wash!

    1. Thanks Ellen! I think we're all excited about the self-wash. It takes me forever to clean the bathroom after doggy bath day at our house. This will make life much easier!!!



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