Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Custom Features in the Living Area

To take this split level from ho-hum to wow, we want to add a lot of custom features.  And many of them are in the living area.

The house needed a mud bench to catch all the foul weather gear we have in Maine.  So we created a set of shelves that will be outfitted with wicker baskets.  In winter it can hold all the mismatched gloves that seem to accumulate!  In the summer it can store sunscreen and summer hats to take down to the beach.  

And the open space below the bench has lots of room for flip flops or snow boots, depending on the season!

The fireplace is a focal point for the living area.  I surrounded it with a beautiful honed marble, accentuated with a dark grout. 

Kyle added the decorative wooden trim and then created built in bookshelves next to the fireplace. They will both be topped with chunky reclaimed wooden beams. The vertical nickel gap paneling will provide a nice backdrop for both - particularly for the TV that will go above the mantle.  Doesn't it look great?

In the kitchen, we trimmed out the back of the island with nickel gap paneling and created side panels to create space for 3 bar stools.  Oh, and why the black wavy lines?  Well wood tends to shrink and swell with the seasons.  Once winter comes and it shrinks a bit, the part that shows is black and won't stand out like bright white on a navy island!  

And next to the pantry, Kyle built a banquette that will have a top that lifts up for storage.  This will create a little nook for a table and a couple of chairs.  The perfect spot to have a cup of coffee in the morning as the sun streams through the sliding glass door.

Once everything is painted, it's going to look amazing!!!

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