Thursday, July 7, 2022

It's All About the Custom Details - Makeup Vanity

You know we're getting near the finish line when all the fancy carpentry projects get going.  One of the hallmarks of our projects are the custom features we add to every home.  And the split level is getting a lot of them!

First up - the customer make-up vanity.  The owner really wanted a separate vanity to apply makeup each morning.  But finding one that matched a sink vanity (that we liked) proved to be impossible.  The solution?  We needed one custom built to match the vanity we chose.

Look how similar the makeup vanity is to the sink vanity we purchased!

And Kyle did an amazing job - from the beveled edges, to the shapely leg, he nailed it.  Next he will build a cabinet door to match.  And I've found a very similar door pull that can be installed

He extended the top to fit into a corner of the primary bath.  

Our amazing painter sprayed it the exact shade of blue as the original vanity, so they will look like they came from the same cabinet shop!  Finally, we'll get it outfitted with a Carrara marble top, to really complete the look.

This bathroom is really coming together!  Can't wait to get the rest of it finished.

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