Wednesday, March 31, 2021

2nd Floor Living - It's Getting Real!!!

Now the real fun starts!!  Since we have a hip roof on the second floor, the usable floor space is quite small, due to limited headroom.  The solution is to add two more dormers to create more living space.  But cutting giant holes in the roof is always a bit nerve wracking, so we wanted to have everything lined up and hoped that Mother Nature would cooperate (seriously, who am I kidding.  Does the weather ever cooperate?) 

Isn't this crazy???

Day 1 - So on a bright Monday morning, the guys got the roof supported and started cutting holes.  With multiple saws-all going at the same time, they made pretty quick work of it and the sections started to open up.


Getting a chance to see the future view was pretty exciting.
View from Bedroom - pretty sweet!!!

View from the other direction - Yikes! 
And even the bathroom will have a pretty nice view.

Day 2 - Next they started framing and getting everything stabilized for the new walls.  There's a lot of engineered lumber going in, to ensure we have a nice rigid structure.  The wall framing started going up and it's looking good.

Day 3 - And then the weather forecast changed.  Instead of a nice, dry week, there were now thunderstorms and rain in the forecast - never good news with the roof wide open.  I made a quick trip to the lumberyard to grabs sheathing and tarps, to try and close walls up quickly. 

The guys did an amazing job of wrapping the roof in blue tarps to keep the water out.  We had an initial storm come through and only had a little water come in.  Thankfully some buckets did the trick to capture it.

Storm 2 came over the weekend and thanks to some frequent visits to dump water and move buckets around - we survived the storm.  My biggest worry was protecting those beautiful hardwood floors on the first floor.  Thankfully they came through just fine.  But this is not fun - we need some clear weather to make some progress.

And while we still have a lot to do, even with the 'blue roof', you can already see how the space is opening up.  As you get to the top of the stairs, the whole space seems so nice and open.  What a huge change!  

We have so much more to do - but it's getting pretty exciting!  Progress continues this week - but it's still blue tarp time to get us through tonight's storm.  Stay tuned! 

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