Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Progress Updates - Look How It's Changed!!

The drywall is done and we're making great progress!  Just wanted to give a quick update.  Can you believe the difference?
Removing the wall between the living room and kitchen - as well as the ceiling - has created a bright and comfortable space.  

Here's the view from the kitchen towards the living room Before
And here is how it looks now.  

The guys are working on the kitchen this week, so now it's really going to start taking shape.  Stay tuned for more updates!!

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  1. How did that real estate agent ever doubt your abilities to envision something great for this little house?! It looks fantastic. You are very talented.

  2. Oh, thanks so much! But I don't think she doubted my abilities to transform the house.....just my ability to make money doing it :-) The jury is still out on whether that's possible!!! Ha ha - we shall see!!

  3. Whoa...very nice! So light and bright and open. Can't wait to see it when it's all finished.

  4. it looks so much bigger! vaulted ceilings ftw :-)

  5. Man, there is nothing like high ceilings, is there? I usually don't like completely open layouts, but there is absolutely no contest here between the closed little "before" rooms and this soaring new space.

    1. 'Soaring'! I like that word! And I really don't think the photos do it justice. Standing in that room really lets you see how much it's changed. It felt so tight and cramped before and now it's huge!


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