Thursday, September 28, 2017

Look at all the New Living Space!

We've made lots of progress in the basement too!

What started as a dark, wet space has come a long way.  Thanks to a new waterproofing system, lots of insulation, new walls, new windows and lots of natural light, this is a great space.

Want to add a wall and make this into a couple of rooms?  No problem!  

This is what it looks like with two lightbulbs.....think what it will be like with light walls and the 11 recessed lights that we've added.

My favorite feature?  This new bulkhead door.  It's a Cleargress Door, from a company in Pennsylvania and really floods the space with light.  Plus, it's so easy to open, it's a legal egress exit!  That means this could be a legal 3rd bedroom.
Original door was rusty and had to be propped open - the new one lets light in from all sides!!

Thanks to the new bulkhead, even with the lights off there is still a lot of natural light flooding the room!

Don't you love the floors?  We installed this new vinyl product by Lifeproof.  It's amazing how much it looks and feels like wood!  And yet it's perfect for a basement, where wood really isn't suitable.

What else is going on in the basement?  Well, the guys are working on the built ins for the laundry room and I have lots of projects for the half bath.  There is also a utility room, which sports this brand new boiler and lots of storage space.  Stay tuned for more updates! Pin It


  1. It’s coming together great! Love the basement with all that light!

    1. Thanks so much! Natural light makes such a difference!

  2. That first picture is downright frightening! What a vision you have for this home. Looks amazing!

    1. The starting point in the basement was daunting, to say the least! And you should have seen the cobwebs! Thankfully that's all history - I can't wait to get it finished!


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