Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Interior Update - Lots of Progress Inside!!

So much has happened in the soon-to-be Cozy Cottage, that it seemed like a good time for an update. And the theme for all the changes - 'Let in the Light'.  We've added a lot of light enhancing features, to completely change what was a dark, dreary house.

Of course one of the first steps was to update the electrical in the house.  Soon we will have lots of recessed LED lighting to bathe the living space in light.  Plus a couple of amazing pendants will go over the kitchen peninsula.

But we want natural light as well.  Thanks to the new windows we installed throughout, we’ve changed the feel of the whole house.  There is a lot more light and the 2 over 2 panes give it a cottagey feel.  Best of all, they are a whole lot more energy efficient than the old ones that were held together with packing tape!
The new windows bring in so much more light!
Remember the antique leaded glass window I found at the Brimfield Antique Market?  The guys reframed the opening to fit and it's going to look fantastic!  We've wired the interior for a recessed light and we'll install glass shelves.  It will make the whole thing glow.  

Bathroom - Before
Without any windows, the bathroom was really dark.  I LOVE natural light in a bathroom, but was reluctant to put a window in the shower (always a maintenance issue and a bit awkward to boot!).  I’d seen the VeluxSun Tunnel at a trade show and thought it would be good to try one.  Boy am I glad I did!!!  What a difference!  

Bathroom - gutted, before Velux Sun Tunnel

Before the Sun Tunnel, the bathroom was dark!!

Now, it’s as if there is a light on in there all day – it’s really brighter than the rooms with regular windows.  And once we put the diffuser on, it will soften the light a bit, so we don’t get bands of light like you see below.   We’ve also moved some of the plumbing fixtures around, to improve headroom in the basement and provide new built-in storage.

Bathroom with Velux Sun Tunnel
Speaking of windows, we removed the fixed, horizontal window in the back bedroom and have replaced it with a large window that capitalizes on the view of the backyard.  It changes the cave like feel of this room and makes it feel completely different!  I can’t wait to get it painted a lighter color and furnished!

Such a nice view of the giant backyard!!!

The basement is getting closer to being a finished space.  It’s nice and dry with our new perimeter drain and the walls, electrical and plumbing are all in.   I can’t wait to see how this new found space changes the livability of the house!
There is a lot of living space in the basement! The space on the left can be a legal 3rd bedroom.

Since the sills of a basement (the space right above the foundation) can often have lots of air leaks, we decided to have the insulation team install spray foam insulation, to block out any potential cold air.   This will also keep our water pipes nice and warm. 
Foam insulation along the sills of the house, to keep it snug and warm.

Oh, and look at that laundry room (okay, maybe it doesn't look like much at this point, but it will be a thing of beauty soon!). 

With electrical and plumbing done, we completed all our inspections.  That let us complete the insulation.
Living Room

Future kitchen

Now it’s on to drywall!  But can you believe all the progress we've made???  
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  1. I love the progress pictures! Can't wait to see what it looks like with the drywall. The yard looks really nice--are you planning any fencing?

    1. We've spoken with the neighbors and will put up a fence to provide a little privacy to both sides.....but the yard goes back 300 feet, so fencing the whole thing is out of our budget!

  2. The house looks great what an amazing improvement! I have the Sun Tunnels w/light control in my hallways and a north facing bedroom. Great light when I want it and none when I don't.

  3. So fun to watch the transformation. It's also great to see what it really takes to buy a house that needs fixing up. It's not exactly a 45 minute TV show. I like seeing what is involved. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for following along!!! And yes, it's a lot more work than the TV shows would lead you to believe. A 6 week total reno??? I can't imagine how they get it done!

  4. This is looking really great! And guess what! We JUST installed two velux sun tunnels in our home -- one in our master bedroom closet and the other in our kids second floor bathroom. The difference is amazing! I only wish they would come up with a diffuser that is a little less opaque because I think it diffuses the light a little TOO much... Other than that, I am very, very happy with ours and think they are a great option!

    1. So glad to hear you like yours.....but now I wonder what it will be like with the diffuser. We need to get a little farther along in our progress before I can find out!


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