Monday, December 1, 2014

The Decision - It's Going to be a Rental!

We have agonized for the last several months about whether or not to sell the duplex.  I liked the idea of renting it, my husband wasn't quite as keen on that idea.

But as luck would have it, one of our carpenters and his fiancé were looking for a place to rent.

They're such a cute couple and it seems like a win win for both of us.  They get a great place to rent and we get a carpenter who is working on the place he'll be living in!!!  Talk about a little extra TLC!

Kyle - Installing new Energy Efficient Windows
Kyle - Rebuilding the vintage china cabinet
They will be renting the smaller unit - aka the Tenant's Unit.  And with one unit already rented, my husband started adjusting to the idea!  So, once we get all the work done, the Owner's Unit will be available for rent.  And it's a big Unit:  3 bedrooms, 2 full baths with 1400 sq ft and a one car garage. And of course everything is brand new, including all the appliances - even a full size washer and dryer!

The only downside: we won't be staging it and holding the usual Open House.  Staging a house is a pretty expensive proposition (usually $2,500-4000) and I just can't justify the expense for a rental.  But we will have lots and lots of photos to share.  So you'll get to see all the Before & Afters!

Help spread the word, if you know of anyone looking for a place!  We won't officially put it on the market until it's finished - probably around the beginning of the New Year.  Just stay tuned to Facebook and the Blog for updates.

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  1. Kyle's fiancee's dress is lovely! The earrings and necklace are a perfect pairing, too. Well done!


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