Monday, December 8, 2014

Kitchen(s) Update!

The kitchen in each unit is coming together quickly.

Remember the plan for the Tenant's kitchen?

Well the guys made great progress last week and it's looking good.  We used Martha Stewart's Maidstone cabinets in Heavy Cream.  I love the Shaker style door and the warm off-white finish.  We're complimenting them with a new paint color we haven't tried before - Netsuke, from Sherwin Williams #6134.

I especially like the stove and peninsula wall.  It's going to work really well for Kyle & Sam.  A cooking station with a couple of stools to pull up and watch the chef!

Dining Room View to Kitchen - Before
Best of all, I like how removing the walls from the dining room and hallway have linked the rooms and made it feel so much more spacious.  Now the kitchen feels like it's integrated with the rest of the living area.  
View of kitchen from Dining Room

Tenants Unit - Sink and Window Wall

The Owner's Kitchen is also moving right along.  The only challenge?  The cabinet over the refrigerator arrived damaged.  But they  will replace it and we're just waiting for it to arrive.

This kitchen has a slightly different floor plan, since we removed the wall to the dining room to give the living spaces better flow.

I always love how the guys do the crown moulding.  It adds such a beautiful touch to the room.  This cabinet will create a built in furniture look, with glass doors and a lighted interior.  Oh, and see how they were able to reuse the antique rosettes around the new door and window trim?

It gets dark early this time of year!
But of course installing the doors is a critical step - they make such a difference!

The next step is to make the template for the new quartz countertops.  It's all done with a laser, for a perfect, precision fit.  

We are using a quartz countertop for both kitchens.  I love the combination of colors and quartz elements in this pattern.  It gives it a unique 'texture', without overpowering the room.  They are made with 93% quartz - which is stronger than iron or titanium!!  They can handle temperatures up to 360 degrees and require no sealers or maintenance.  And they're made in the USA!

Quartz Countertop - Solar Canyon
It will be two weeks before the counter tops are ready.  Then it's time to install the tile, sink and open shelving.  So still lots to do, but it's looking good, don't you think?

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  1. SW Netsuke has always been on my short list. Looks fabulous, going really well with the cab color. Both the unit have a lot of natural light in their kitchen, which I think really helps the colors shine. And great layout as always. Do I remember right the software you use there is something similar to Home Depot's?

  2. Thanks! I'm using linen everywhere else, but it didn't have enough 'punch' next to the cream cabinet color. This seems perfect.

    The CAD drawings you see in this post are from Home Depot. They have all the Martha Stewart cabinet styles (including moldings, etc) in their system. So it has does a really good rendering!

  3. Oh , so it 's you? I did hear somewhere...that there was a person who like to new color choice. lol

  4. Oh ! So it's you who likes the color? Yep , you're the only one. ha


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