Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Progress Update - Tile Time!

As we get near the finish line, there are a thousand little things to do to get the house completed.  A big element is installing all the tile and it's coming along beautifully.

My favourite feature thus far are the upstairs bathroom floors.  We used a large format (12" x 24") tile, but interspersed glass & marble mosaic tile stripes to give it a little added interest.

These stripes also provide a visual trick to make the rooms look bigger.  They fool the eye into thinking there is more space!   We also used the mosaic around the tub surround in the Tenant's Unit, to take advantage of some of the funky angles!

In the downstairs bathrooms, we used the beautiful marble pieces that I splurged on.  The colors look a little funky with the temporary light bulb we have hanging out of the wall, but I love the dramatic pattern and mix of marble colors.

Once we get the walls painted, plumbing fixtures will be installed and they will start to look like real bathrooms!

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  1. Beautiful tile work as always! Do you install it yourself, with the team, who? Is it difficult? Do you have any funny tile stories??

  2. Thanks Mitzi! I usually do all the time myself. But I'm very slow! And with 4 bathrooms and 2 kitchen, it made sense to turn it over to the pros this time. Much more relaxing for me :-)

  3. What's the name/brand of the 12" x 24" floor tile you used here? Love it!

    1. Isn't it great? I don't remember the exact name, but I bought it at Lowe's. Very reasonably priced with a great look!


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