Monday, November 24, 2014

Trim Time!

With the drywall dust behind us, it's time to start finish trim.  This is when the guys from Waterhouse Builders really get to show their stuff - because putting these houses back together takes a lot of craftsmanship!

Our goal is to reuse the original, antique trim whenever possible.  During demo, we saved every piece of trim that was removed in the back of the garage - to keep it nice and safe during construction.  But before it gets used, there is some prep work to do - because there is usually a layer of old caulk and gunk on all the edges.  Kyle cleaned that up in a flash.

Next up - they start to put everything back together.  The china cabinet trim had to be pulled out when we removed the wall during construction - now it gets put back in place.  In addition, the guys removed the old wooden shelves that were there.  We're going to replace them with glass shelves, so the new light we installed can shine through the whole cabinet.

Scribed Baseboard - For a Perfect Fit!
What really distinguishes their work from others is the attention to detail.  See this baseboard?  It's been 'scribed' (the wavy pencil line on the right edge) to exactly match the old floor.  When they cut off the scribed edge, it will be a perfect fit on the old floor.  And will look fantastic!

See the old back bedroom?  This is the room we ended up gutting, due to a lot of cracked plaster.  Now it's sporting all new drywall and the guys are installing original mouldings.

Look how nice it looks now (and the refinished maple floors are a beautiful touch!)

Next, they tackled the new master suite in the tenant's unit.  We wanted to use the original doors, but they needed a little work.  See how they trimmed this old door?  It needed a funky angle on the top corner and then a bit of trimming on each side to fit in the new doorway.  That meant James had to reset the old mortise lockset with some chisel work.

They've got more trim work to do, but it's starting to look like a finished house around here!  Next up - the kitchens!

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  1. Gosh, I love their work. How do they do the scribing? They can't just rest the trim on the floor and trace it ... do they somehow lower the trim next to the floor and trace? (I could be misunderstanding the entire concept, of course!)

    1. To scribe, they have to put the trim on the floor against the wall (it must be perfectly level) and use a compass to scribe the dips and valleys in the floor. Once they cut that part off, they have a perfect fitting baseboard! Cool, don't you think?

    2. That is brilliant! Thank you for following up for me. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Laurel you are indeed fortunate to have found these craftsmen! Not only do they seem to care but they appear to take pride in their work. Congratulations!


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