Tuesday, November 11, 2014

And Suddenly.....It's Looking Like a House Instead of a Disaster Site

Okay, so there is a lot more to do, but we've hit the tipping point:  the place no longer looks like a demo zone and we can start to think of it as a house again!  Let's start with the Tenant's Unit.

It feels like it's been a long time coming!  We had a tough time getting the drywall done.  The good news about the improving economy is all of the good tradespeople are really busy.  The bad news is it's hard to get on their schedule to get the work done.  But after waiting a bit, we were able to get going and immediately started to see some dramatic improvements.  Once the sanding was complete and a coat of primer, we think it looks pretty great!!

Dining Room

We removed a couple of walls in the dining room, to link it more closely with the kitchen.  That meant that the antique curio cabinet needed to be moved a few feet.  And we closed off a narrow doorway that led into the bedroom.

The result?  A much larger space, while keeping the historic style of the house.  Mike used his tablet to display the 'before', so we could get a good look at the 'after'.  Before the changes, you couldn't see the kitchen at all.  Now it's open and the rooms flow together.
And we no longer have a hallway to the kitchen.  Now it's all open space with the floors all patched up (sanding will come a bit later) 

Hallway Before
'Hallway' After

The room needed a major overhaul and it got it.  We started by jacking up the floor to take care of a sagging floor.  That cracked all the plaster, so we had to rebuild the party wall between the two units.  But that gave us space for new plumbing, electrical and sound insulation!  Now we have nice new walls, ready for cabinets!
Kitchen Before
Kitchen 'During'

Kitchen Before
Kitchen After - with all new plumbing, electric and vintage hardwood floor

First Floor Bedroom
This started as two small bedrooms.  They each had a closet, but they were so shallow, you couldn't fit a hanger in them!!!  So,  we decided to eliminate the wall and closets - and now have a nice, large bedroom, with two new closets.
Bedroom Before
Bedroom After - It's Doubled in Size!
There's Room for a King Sized Bed!

Master Suite

This didn't really start off as a suite.  Instead, it was a small, cramped hallway, leading to a bedroom with very little natural light.  But by taking advantage of some unused attic space, we're enlarged this to include a large bedroom, closet and a full bath.  And with two new skylights, it's all nice and bright.

Before - Dark and Cramped

Now - Big and Bright

Next steps?  We need the kitchen and bathrooms installed.  Not to mention lots of trim work, doors, final floor finishing, etc.  But we're on a roll!

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  1. It's looking so great! Your floors are gorgeous! :)

    1. Thanks!!! We are thrilled with the original floors - so much nicer than the carpet that was there before (but of course it helped keep them in nice shape)!

  2. Looks amazing, can't wait to see the kitchens and baths.


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