Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tiling Frenzy

I've had the tile saw working overtime the last few weeks.  I even burned out the pump and had to install a new one (technically it was an old garden fountain pump we had stored in our basement, but it seems to be doing the trick!).

The rooms aren't finished yet, but I thought I'd give you a sneak peek.

Do you remember the design for the Master Bath?  Well, it's starting to come together.  I'm thrilled with the marble hexagonal tiles centered in the absolute black granite border.  In the shower, the compass rose mosaic was a little tricky to install inside the marble 'frame', but it makes for a dramatic focal point for the room!

The hall bath will be home to the reclaimed lumber vanity and needed something special to set it off. Here's the design for the floor - a cafe au lait travertine border surrounds the diagonal white marble and marble dot edging.  This may be my favorite floor ever!

The dots are echoed in an accent stripe in the tub surround.

Today I finished up the first floor bath with these turkish marble planks.  It's a bold pattern and really warms up the space.  Can't wait to get the George Jetson toilet installed in here!

And last but not least, the gorgeous recycled glass tiles for the kitchen are installed and grouted.  They're just as beautiful as I remembered them.  And the iridescent Oceanside bars really set them off beautifully.  I also scattered a few random glass 'dots' throughout the rest of the backsplash to tie it all together.

We hope to get plumbing installed this week, so we'll have completed rooms ready to share soon!

Cafe Au Lait Travertine - Paul G. White Tile/DalTile
Marble Dots - Paul G. White/Soho Tile
Recycled Glass Mosaic - Old Port Specialty Tile/Sonoma Tileworks - Vihara
Turkish Marble Planks - Allen & Roth

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