Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Reclaimed Wood Vanity

For the upstairs hall bathroom, we didn't want to install the typical, boring vanity.  We were looking for something a little more interesting.

Pottery Barn Mason Vanity
So, I was pretty excited when I found this cabinet at the Pottery Barn outlet.  It's the base of a very expensive vanity they make, and while I like the wood base, I wasn't really crazy about the big chunky ceramic top.  So it didn't bother me that it didn't come with the cabinet.  Plus, it made for a major discount!

Instead, we have this sink top that was in the downstairs bathroom.  I really like the clean lines and practicality of it - and thought it would be great if we could reuse it.

So Kyle, from Waterhouse Builders, got to work creating a reclaimed wood vanity top, to support the sink top.  He started with some old timber joists and after cleaning them up a bit, created a 'picture frame' top, to maximize the patina edges.
Old Growth Wood Joists

He biscuited the pieces and then used Kreg screws to really tie it all together. This thing is solid!!!!

Next, it got a light sanding to take off the really rough edges, while leaving the beauty of the saw marks and aged wood.

1st Fit Up

Finally, we're applying 7 coats of polyurethane, to give it a tough protective finish.  Once that's done, it's ready for the top and faucet.  Can't wait to get it installed!  What do you think?

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  1. Another piece of brilliance. Can't wait to see it installed

  2. Thanks so much!! I put another coat of polyurethane on it today and the old wood is really glowing!


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