Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Beauty of Hardwood Floors

We were very lucky to have red oak flooring on the first floor of the Beach Cottage.  But after removing several walls and adding a new second story, there was a lot of work to be done to have beautiful hardwood throughout the house.  The first floor was particularly difficult, because the old kitchen floor had to be completely removed and the walls that we eliminated created a challenge of patching old and new.

That's why we were thrilled when the team from Peter's Hardwood floors came to do all the floor work. Thankfully, they were up to the task!  And to make it extra challenging, we didn't have any old flooring left over to mix in where the walls were removed.  So Minh and his team had to weave in the old and new wood to create this seamless floor.  Can you tell where the walls were removed?  Doesn't it look fabulous?
Cutting in the old flooring to weave old with new
There was a wall here…..can you tell????
Sanding the new kitchen floor

Of course the kitchen had to be all new oak.  And the guys did the same great job seamlessly integrating old with new!

Upstairs, they started with this mountain of flooring and quickly installed it throughout the 2nd floor.  Somehow, this new flooring just makes the whole space seem even larger and more unified.

They applied 3 coats of finish to create a tough surface that will last for many years to come.

And the result?  Well, we're just thrilled with how they look!
Living Room & Kitchen
Don't worry…..we're going to redo the stairs!

Master Bedroom

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  1. Your floor guys did a great job! I did a project a few years ago where we needed to weave some new patches into a hundred year old douglas pine floor. My floor guy was an artist. He had to mill quarter sawn pieces to match the old wood, then he had to weave really long pieces to blend (the original flooring pieces were about 8 to 16 feet long). The results were amazing. Hang on to your floor guy -- he's worth his weight in gold!

    1. It really is an art form, isn't it? When I watched Minh, it seemed like he was thinking of it as a giant 3D jigsaw puzzle! Your floor sounds amazing. I love quarter sawn wood!

  2. WOW! Those floors are beautiful.

  3. Simply stunning... I love oak! Classic, timeless beauty!

  4. Another amazing craftsman! You have been so fortunate to have found people who can make your vision reality.

  5. Floors look beautiful! Too funny that I said "oh my gosh", to the stairs, before I read your comment about redoing them. Coming along wonderfully!!

  6. The floors are gorgeous!


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