Monday, March 31, 2014

Before and After: The Dining Room

Originally, this house didn't have a dining room.  But early in the design phase, we decided to take one of the first floor bedrooms and create one.  After all, you need someplace to have Thanksgiving dinner!

So this was our starting point....behind this wall.  The room inside was okay, but nothing exciting.

Dining Room Before 
But after removing the wall to the hallway (and yes, we rescued the phone caddy - more about that later), it changes the way the entire first floor feels.

And it's a great space!  There's room for a large table, as well as a sideboard.  I wanted to jazz it up a bit, so I painted these big, dramatic stripes on the wall (if the future buyers hate them, I can paint over them pretty easily!).

In a nod to the mid-century roots of the house, we went with this drum shade chandelier.  I just love the big metal ovals on the perimeter.

And we changed out the corner windows and put a double window on the front wall.  It looks so much nicer from the exterior and brings a lot of sunlight into the room.

Cooper Dragonette
Local artist Cooper Dragonette was kind enough to lend me this beautiful original oil painting.  Artwork adds so much to the space!

We think this is a great room for entertaining.  Wouldn't you love to have a dinner party in this room?

Chandelier - Ovala by Uttermost
Dining Table - Pottery Barn
Sideboard - IKEA
Table Lamp - Christmas Tree Shop ($14.99!)

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  1. LOVE. IT. ALL. I've been living in Dodge City KS. for the past year...there are sooo many beautiful old homes here that just need some love. If you're ever looking for a project.....

    1. Thanks Kathy!!! But we've got our hands full here in Maine :-)


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