Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Going Retro: Funky Finds

It's always interesting to see what you discover, as you tear an old house apart.  I thought I'd share a few of the things we've found.

First up - How do you like that paisley tie???  We found this box of neckties in the back of the crawl space.  My theory (and I can see my own dad doing this) is they were Christmas presents that the owner didn't really like, but he wore each one once and then buried them in the attic so he wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings.  I offered them to our crew, but no one would take them!!

Next - Very cool dresser that was stuck in the back of the attic.  Don't you love the serpentine top drawer?  It is missing a few key pieces, but I'm still hopeful we can get it back together and make it useful.

This is a really big painting on the wall in the basement.  Do you think there was a schoolteacher living here?   This is definitely staying right where it is!!!

Signs - These signs crack me up.  This one is right next to the door as you come in from the garage.

And this one is as you leave.  It must be left over from the teenage years.

I'd love to hear the funkiest thing you found in your house when you bought it!

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  1. Those are great finds! In our first house, we found an old Libby's food crate board. I have it in my kitchen now. Our next home came with a silver set, a dresser, and champaigne glasses. So far in this home, we have found a see and say (1985 animal one) .

  2. A silver set and champagne glasses!!! Wow - very fancy! With all the old houses we've bought over the years, you would think we would have found something valuable, but we're still waiting :-)



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