Monday, January 21, 2013

Ya Gotta Love New Construction : Expanding a Ranch Style Home

Now that the roof has been torn off, we're ready to start the new second floor.  The team from Waterhouse Builders has made huge progress in the last week.  We've gone from an odd, roofless house to something that's starting to look like the colonial we have planned.

First step - All new I-joists that span the length of the house

This was a rancher, that was never designed to have the load of a second story on top of it.  That necessitated the installation of engineered I-joists that will carry the load.  And they give us the added benefit of making some of the first floor walls redundant, since they're no longer load bearing.  Hello open floor plan!  We can't wait to take out some of those walls!   It also gives us a nice space for all new plumbing and wiring that will need to be installed.

Second step - Install Sub Floor and Build Exterior Walls
First Walls Go Up!!!  Woo hoo!!!

Step 3 - Raise Roof Truss System

This step drew lots of onlookers, as the trusses got put on top of the newly built walls.  This was a bit tricky, thanks to the giant tree in the front yard.
The snow covered tarp 'roof' gives the 2nd floor a nice glow!

And it was finished just in time - before we got 6 inches of new snow.  The blue tarp 'roof' helped protect the 2nd floor during the storm.
6" of snow......doesn't slow them down a bit!

Step 4 - Raise Roof Truss System
Once the snow storm was over, the team quickly got the trusses in place!  

Step 5 - Roof Sheathing

With the sheathing installed, it's looking good!!!  Now the Typar wrap is getting installed.  Next step, finish buttoning it up and get the roofing on before our next storm.

 Like I said - ya gotta love new construction.  It's hard to believe they could get this much done in one week!!

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  1. I totally agree with you! I love any type of exciting to see ideas come to life :)

  2. Wow, so much work! One thing I would like to see added to your site is pictures of the surrounding community that you are working in. Just a thought. Mary in NY

    1. That's a great suggestion Mary. I'll see if I can snap a few pics in the next week or so....hopefully a day when we have fresh snow. Right now the snow is looking kind of dirty. But you're from NY, so you know how that goes!

      Thanks, Laurel


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