Monday, September 17, 2012

It's Starting to Look Like a Kitchen!!!

There is still a lot to do before the kitchen is finished, but we've recently made some nice progress.  So we thought we would share a sneak peek.  And as a reminder, here's the original design:

-  The new maple floor is in and looks beautiful!

-  The Martha Stewart Seal Harbor cabinets are installed, as well as the stainless steel vent hood (covered in protective plastic for now!).  The granite guys are coming to template for the countertops next week.  And the new LG appliances will arrive soon.

The hutch and the bar/peninsula will get butcher block tops.
There's a lot more to do, but it's nice progress!  Is it starting to look like the plan?

Stay tuned, we'll have more pics soon.

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  1. Love the cabinets! It's coming together very nicely.

    1. Thanks Candice - it was amazing walking through the door this morning. It's starting to look like a real house, rather than a place to store tools!!


  2. Reading this blog, you make everything so nice, I'm seriously confused how you make a profit...this looks gorgeous! Can't wait for more pics.

    1. Thanks Mollie. We're not sure we have the whole profit thing figured out yet......we want to make sure we do high quality work with high quality products. But it's a challenge when it's time to list the house!!!


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