Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Adding Architectural Detail

Our 1930's Cottage doesn't have a lot of architectural detail.  The window trim and moldings are very simple and there isn't much ornamentation.  So when we started thinking about adding the columns to the new opening between the foyer and the rest of the house, we wanted to make sure they were simple, but still added a nice architectural statement.

The starting point - cover the support beams

The solution - tapered posts anchored by square columns and the wall below.  All those complex angles (not to mention not quite plumb walls in an old house) went beyond our carpentry skills.  So Drew Mayer from Waterhouse Builders came out to give us a hand.  First step was to cover the LVL beams that were required when we removed the supporting wall.

Next,  Drew created the wooden cap for the wall.  And then the really tricky part - the tapered columns.

It was a challenging project, but after a few days, it really started to come together.  Now we can't wait to get them painted and see how they look in the finished room!

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  1. I think these kind of details are great! Can't wait to see them painted too!


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