Thursday, September 20, 2012

50,000 Blog Views!!!!

Wow, we hit a major milestone today - 50,000 views!  Thanks to all of you for stopping by our blog to check out our progress, give us words of encouragement and help us work through the trials and tribulations of home renovation.  We really appreciate your support and hope you'll continue to provide input.  I really love to see your comments and hear your own experiences.  You're amazing!

I publish lots more photos on Facebook.  If you don't already 'like' us on Facebook, click here to be added.

Stay tuned, we're in the final stages of completing our latest project.  Lots of before and after photos coming soon!

Thanks again!!!!

Laurel Pin It


  1. This is the first I've seen the front painted. It looks fabulous! Your ugly house has a beautiful new face ; ) Good job!!!

  2. Laurel,

    First, I've been meaning to tell you I love your name! Second, you've done an AMAZING job on this house!! It was 'purty' sad looking when you started out but now she's the Queen of the Prom! You and Richard have amazing eyes and talent(s). Can't wait to see the inside.
    PS are you thinking of shutters on the front? Just wondering.

  3. Thanks so much!! The transformation continues - Richard is putting the front porch railing on this week and yes, the shutters will go back on. But first we have to paint them. The color is 'Cyberspace'. Who thinks of these names??? Oh and I just got the new mailbox and I just need to find numbers that I like. Which is a surprisingly difficult task.


  4. Wow, I can't believe this is almost done. Do you have your sights on the next project?


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