Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Confession - I Love Old Toilets

I know, it's really odd.  But I love those old, tall toilets with the detailed tanks and bases.  When we were building our house several years ago, I went in search of these toilets and would come home from yard sales and salvage yards with my prizes (Richard, on the other hand, was totally disgusted with my finds).  And the neighbors started to talk when they were lined up in the yard!

Unfortunately, I soon learned that you can't pass a plumbing inspection with these toilets.  They use too much water and aren't allowed.  They also tend to be fragile and are prone to cracking.

So, I've tried to start liking new toilets.  And I must admit, I've become a fan of the new dual flush toilets.  They are incredibly practical and environmentally friendly.  So when Consumer Reports came out with their toilet ratings last month, I quickly scanned the results to see what they recommended.  The clear winner for 'best value' - a Glacier Bay model that look really nice.  We've just bought two of them for our new project.  The first one is installed and is looking good!!!

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  1. Who'd of thought that you'd be talking toilets in a public forum like this one day, huh?

  2. I too like the old toilets, but appreciate your comments about an environmentally friendly look-alike that is rated highly by CR. will share with my friends with old houses. Thanks.

  3. Thanks Teri. I also really like the Koehler Memoirs toilet, for that old fashioned look. But after installing it in my own house and having to replace the 'guts' of it after only 2 years, I'm ready to give the CR selection a try!


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