Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ode to Martha Stewart

Martha, Martha, how do I love thee…. let me count the ways
-   I love your color palette, with all its soft shades
-    I love the attention to detail - for a dinner party, kitchen décor or how-to instructions
-  And most of all, I love your design approach that links to today’s casual lifestyle
You are, indeed, the Diva of the Domestic.

So of course, when we started planning our new kitchen, I wanted to look at Martha’s new cabinet designs.  She uses a new manufacturing technique from Germany that completely wraps each cabinet door, creating a paint like finish - but with a much more durable surface (and much nicer than that plasticy thermofoil look). 

Home Depot is the only company that carries the new line of cabinetry.  So I made an appointment with Donna Boyian, our local Home Depot kitchen designer.  Donna was great.  She really helped us come up with a great design for our 11.5’ x 19.5’ kitchen.  She quickly whipped up a CAD model and we played with different design options on her computer.

As we all know, kitchens and bathrooms sell houses.  We want to do a dramatic transformation of this drab, dreary space.  Our vision is a quintessential white New England kitchen.   White cabinets with stone countertops (Traditionally they would be soapstone, but we want to spare our future owners the work required to maintain them and will go with granite instead).  We also want classic light pendants, bin drawer pulls and a bridge faucet for the sink.  And all stainless steel appliances, including a French door style refrigerator.

But even though we love the traditional white (which Martha calls Picket Fence) kitchen, we want to give it a couple of contemporary touches.  A stainless steel chimney stove vent is a must.  We also want a ‘furniture look’ built-in with glass cabinets and bookcase space for cookbooks or wine bottles.  And most importantly, we need an island to provide critical countertop work space, as well as room to pull up some stools to chat while dinner is prepared, or for the kids to do homework under a parent’s watchful eye. 

We’re pretty excited about the final design.  They said it will take 4-5 weeks for them to be manufactured – which is a good thing, because we’ve got a lot to do in preparation!  But we can’t wait to get started with this project.

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  1. Love the site. Enjoying watching the progress. Can't wait to see the finished product

  2. Thanks so much - we are having a lot of fun. We'll have some exciting progress so,on as we start putting the house back together!

  3. I love Martha. That's okay. I won't hold it against you :). We can still be bloggy friends. Love, Janel

  4. Love your finished kitchen too. Just an FYI, Martha did not get convicted for insider trading. Look it up. :-)


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