Monday, February 13, 2012

Dining Room Ch-ch-ch-changes!

Thanks so much to everyone that commented on Facebook and the Blog with input on the Dining Room hutch.  You were pretty divided on its outcome, but unanimous on dislike of the scalloped trim!  And there were some fabulous ideas.  Thank you. thank you!

With all those great ideas in hand, Richard and I looked at the hutch carefully and found some issues.  The drawers need rebuilding, the cabinet doors need replacing and there are big 1" gaps between the 7 mirror sections (and Richard keeps making cash register cha-ching noises with each discovery - aren't husbands cute?!?).  Couple that with the fact that it takes up 2 feet of precious floor space and I finally had to give in and agree that it needs to go.  But I'm hopeful we can figure out a way to reuse the mirrors - especially the big center one!

So, it's gone!  And now that the wall between the kitchen and dining room has been removed, the whole space looks dramatically different.  Sunlight streams in through the bay window and comes into the kitchen, helping that north facing space feel lighter and brighter (hard to tell in this photo, I'll take another on a sunnier day!).    
The first floor now has a whole different flow.   Next step is the drywall.  Once it's finished, it's going to be fabulous!!

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