Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Drywall is Here!

Okay, so I know you're thinking 'big deal - so what?'  But this is a huge turning point.  To do the drywall, it means we passed the electrical and structural inspections.  The knob and tube wiring is history and we are meeting all the building codes.  Hooray!!  In fact, the electrical inspector thought that Dan Flynn's team had done more than required by code...much better than finding problems!

So what's involved to put up nice new drywall, to replace those tired old acoustic ceilings?  First step – drywall delivery.  This was so much fun to watch!!  Take a look at the time lapse video.  They came with a giant truck and crane and lifted up a stack of drywall, delivering it right through the front door and upstairs windows.  How cool is that????

Right thru the window!!

Next step, Dan Caron's team got all the new ceilings (and a few walls) installed in half a day.  Amazingly fast!  And then Dan got to work on his stilts - taping and plastering all the seams.  He made it look so easy and having beautiful flat ceilings is really transformational in the house.  Farewell 60's bumpy acoustical tile!!
New kitchen ceiling

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  1. The ceilings of this house was installed properly and I like it because it's pretty high. Whenever I search for new homes online, I see to it that the ceilings are high and that the rooms are spacious.


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