Thursday, June 13, 2024

So Much Progress!!

There comes a time on every project where there is so much going on, I have trouble sharing all the updates.  That's the current state of affairs at the Charming Cottage.   There is so much progress being made every single day.

First - the floors are done!  And they are absolutely gorgeous.  We were able to keep all the original flooring, with the exception of the kitchen floor (kitchen floors are always a challenge because of water stains, pipe holes and multiple layers of flooring added on top).  The guys also did some patch work to repair some nasty spots - I challenge you to find them!  We will add 2 last coats of water based polyurethane just before the new owners move in, to make sure they look their absolute best. 

All of the trim work is done. This is truly detailed work - to recreate the original molding, the guys had to piece together 3 different moldings to get the same look.  It's exacting work, but makes such a difference!

I've polished up all the old doorknobs and they're pretty special.  Look at the difference after they are cleaned up.  I've never seen this pattern before.  It appears to be Art Deco, and the knobs seem to be black Bakelite with solid brass centers.  They're beautiful and so unusual!

The kitchen countertops got installed and it makes the whole kitchen look so much nicer!

I've started tiling the backsplash.  This is a Calacatta marble mosaic and with its multiple shades of white, gray and gold, it provides a neutral backdrop while adding some visual interest. 

Do you remember the dark basement?  Nicknamed 'the cave'?  Well it's gotten a brightening treatment and is looking so much better!  It took a couple coats of a oil based BIN to seal all the old wood, but now it's pretty gorgeous!

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  1. This is turning out to be a very special house! Your work is lovely.

  2. You always do such beautiful work! Do you mind sharing what kind of ceiling you added in the basement?


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