Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Fireplace Update - Again

The Charming Cottage doesn't have its original fireplace mantle. My guess is there was a traditional wood mantle when the house was first built.  But at some point, it was updated with this brick facade.  Surely when it was first updated, this brick fireplace was the height of fashion.   But I'm not a fan.  It just looks odd in this traditional house.

Mantle - Before

So we set out to change it.  We wanted something more classic, that would blend well with the rest of the interior.  And since we'd found wiring for sconces above the mantle we wanted a traditional update.

I started by sketching out my ideas.  It mirrored the existing mantle size, but added additional millwork above it, to highlight the sconces.

Kyle started getting the new design into place, 

but then he paused while I installed this new black brick-style tile to frame the opening and hide the 3D pattern of the old fireplace.

Kyle added lots of detailed trim, like this crown molding, to achieve that vintage style.

Now that the trim is completed, we're ready to have it all painted.

Oh, and while we were at it, we had the fireplace cleaned and made ready for a traditional wood burning fire.

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