Thursday, May 9, 2024

Project Update - So Much Progress (and some pretty stuff)!

With all the mechanicals and insulation done, we can finally start putting this house back together and ordering the fun stuff.

First step - getting the white oak floors installed in the kitchen.  The entire house has white oak flooring, but the kitchen floor had been covered with white ceramic tile for years and we had to replace everything when we took it up.  

Our amazing flooring guys have carefully stitched in the new oak to match the old where we opened up and removed walls.  You won't even be able to tell once it's all sanded and polyurethaned.

The kitchen floor got sanded and two coats of poly on it - so it's all set for our cabinets to be installed.  Doesn't it look fabulous?

Drywall arrived and got installed.  It's so exciting to see walls again!  It gives us our first glimpse of just how different the house will look, thanks to changes we have made.

I've started ordering some of the pretty stuff.  One room I'm pretty excited about is the half bath in the basement.  It was so, so ugly!!!  But now it's going to have this very cool 'denim' and white tile,  a streamlined sink and black faucet.  The walls will be white bead board and this wood mirror will be a nice natural accent.

Next project is getting the kitchen installed.  Cabinets will arrive soon and we'll get going!

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